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  • 3D last generation design softwares
  • F.E.M./F.E.A. techniques (finite element method/analysis): for granting the best reliability and performances all new projects/structures are tested before production
  • De Angelis production is based on E.R.P. (Enterprise resource planning) and M.R.P. (material requirements planning) softwares for granting the best quality and a perfect timing of delivery
  • Structural parts: for a perfect welding procedure the most important parts of the chassis are welded with submerged-arc robotic machines (S.A.W. method). No possibility of human error and top quality are granted.
  • A large use of laser/plasma/oxygen cut and bent components (produced by the sister Company “Metal Work S.r.l.”, property of De Angelis family) grant a perfect construction, better performances and a charming and distinctive design
  • An automatic metal-blasting machine with 16 turbines prepares the steel for the painting phase (the metal blasting procedure is performed after welding phase unless specified)
  • Painting process: electronically controlled warming rooms - thickness of paint customized on demand - military painting 


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) Software: tight control of production times and information flows. The complete tr...


Steels, raw materials and equipment of the highest quality (SSAB steels or 100% manufacture in the EU) Submerged arc robotic welding system of all the most important structural parts Welding proce...