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With more than 100 years of activity, De Angelis is one of the oldest European manufacturers of trailers and semitrailers for special transports. Located in Emilia Romagna, one of the most productive areas of Italy, the Company operates in the automotive/mechanical sector, for which the region is internationally famous.

In a sector with specific needs such as the field of special transports, the customer usually has to choose between the pros and cons of a craft or industrial product:

  • CRAFT-BASED FIRM high flexibility/limited guarantees
  • INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT low flexibility/high guarantees

 The strength of De Angelis is being able to provide customized solutions while ensuring a level of quality and technology of absolute excellence, thanks to:

  • Over one century of tradition and experience
  • Advanced design and testing technologies
  • Integrated management system (mrp/erp)
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Wide range of products with possibility of partial customization
  • Entirely customized vehicles (full custom program)
  • Off-road vehicles (ht series) and for use in extreme environments (x-treme line)
  • Wide range of exclusive technological solutions
  • Anti-corrosion treatments according to the highest international standards
  • European type-approvals for standard and unique models

Every year the Company increases the level of design, organization and production technologies, basing this path on its long-lasting engineering and mechanical tradition. This last feature is now a real added value and the best insurance for De Angelis’ customers, who can always rely on a team of experienced mechanical engineers and technical salesmen to identify the best transport solutions, either from standard production or through custom projects.



The De Angelis technical team is the heart of the company and is composed by a group of mechanical engineers and technicians equipped with the best design-testing and production support/control techno...


De Angelis S.p.A. is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport to the series manufacture of trailers and semitrailers, is certified by DNV according to ISO 9001:2015 for “trailers and...


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