1911 “International exhibition of the modern industrial production” in Genoa: Pietro De Angelis, a well-known smith specialized in the production of agricultural tools, wins a gold medal

1920 The three sons of Pietro join their father’s activity and the Company “De Angelis Pietro & Sons” is established. The production activity is widened adding the first trailers for agricultural use

1950 The first industrial trailers are produced

1969 The Company becomes a joint-stock Company

1970 The first off-road semitrailers are sold in Africa and Middle East Countries

1976-1980 A new plant is built on the foundations of the old one

1976 First semitrailer with telescopic chassis

1989 The first in-house project of a hydraulic steering system

2001 The Company obtains the ISO 9001 Certification

2007 Launch of DST (Dura-Steer Technology), a revolutionary mechanism that significantly increases the performance and operating life of a hydraulic steering system *

2008 De Angelis is the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce a semi low-bed semitrailer equipped with disc brake system

2009 Launch of the first model of the G-Light series

2010 Launch of ERS (Electronic Realignment System), the first real automatic realignment system of the semitrailer axles with the real direction of the tractor*

2013 Launch of the first self-steering axle with Ackerman technology* in the semi-lowbed semitrailers sector

2013 The first X-Treme line semitrailer: a new line of off-road semitrailers conceived and manufactured for operating in extreme temperature and road conditions

2015 Launch of EMS (Easy Manoeuvring System)*. A self-steering axle can now be manoeuvred at manoeuvring speed in both directions using a handy remote control

2016 Launch of the “SOLO” project: a revolutionary independent hydraulic suspension and a whole range of handling solutions (suspensions and steering systems) are brought together in a new brand providing the De Angelis’ innovations and high quality also to other manufacturers*

2018 Hydro-Lift: an innovative lift dedicated to One-Scopic independent hydraulic suspensions that fully recreates the same automatic operation of traditional air lifts in a closed-loop hydraulic system

* for more info visit: www.solo-hs.com

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